Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf
Leg Descriptions

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Alpine Skiing
Nordic Skiing
Road Cycling

Alpine Skiing                                                                                                   

Skiers will start at the unload area of Whiskey Jack Chair with their boots and poles. They will run up the hill towards the Eagle Chairlift and then put on their skis to race down the mountain. They will handoff to the nordic team member at the Hawk chair loading area.

Skiers must have approved C.S.A. helmets. (No hockey, cycling or others allowed.) Maximum ski length 215 cm. Traditional non modified alpine equipment only.

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Coastal PhysioNordic Skiing


Skiers will follow a course approximately 7 km in length groomed and track set for skate or classic skiing.

In the event of snow shortages, the skier MUST be available to run a similar course.

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Running leg of the Snow to Surf is sponsored by Extreme RunnersRunning


There are two sections for the run leg. The first part will be on road for approx 6 km and the second is off the main road for approx 8.5 km. If desired, one person can do both legs.

In the event of high snow conditions, the course will remain on the main road.

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TimberWest is a proud sponsor of the Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Mountainbike LegMountain Bike


The mountain bike leg is approximately 12 km.

The course starts out with 6 km of slightly downhill pavement – this is an active logging road so caution must be taken. Keep your head up!! The bridges can get slippery if it is raining.

When you reach the junction of Duncan Bay logging road and Forbidden Plateau Road you will be directed to turn right for approximately 3 km on the road to the parking area at the start of the Bear Bay Trail. This is a public road so keep your head up and watch for vehicle traffic. Follow the pink tape and signs on the trail to the logging road where you will turn left onto the bridge. Turn left off the bridge and follow the flagging and signs to the Bevan Trail. Take Bevan Trail to its intersection with Colake logging road. Cross the logging road and ride the trail to the transition to the kayak leg.

Riders are required to wear ASTM, ANSI or SNELL approved helmets, ride a mountain bike only, and obey the rules of the road. The route will be flagged and is on logging roads and trails.

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Kayak Leg of the 2005 Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf is sponsored by Comox Valley KayaksKayak


The kayak leg starts at the Courtenay Fish and Game Club and finishes at the campground on the Cumberland side of Comox Lake. (about 5 km)

Required gear includes a kayak (see restrictions below), a 2-ended paddle and a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). Any questions should be addressed to the kayak leg chair:

. Kayaks must be a minimum of 12 feet long and have adequate floatation fore and aft.

°Surf ski are permitted but K-1 racing kayaks are not.

• Only a team’s mountain biker may assist the kayaker in launching their boat to begin racing.

• If you capsize and require assistance by our safety personnel you may be given a 5 minute time penalty.

• If safety personnel determine that you are unsafe to continue you will be disqualified and one of our safety boats will assist you to shore. Your team will continue under disqualification.

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BrianMcLean-Logo-2015-1Road Bike


The cycling route will follow paved roads and highways and is approximately 25.2 km.

Riders are required to wear ASTM, ANSI or SNELL approved helmets and obey the rules of the road.

Please Note: The  Road Bike leg starts at the Comox Lake Campground. Cyclists will follow paved roads and highways and will end on Sandpiper Road for a distance of 25.2 kilometers. See Map at:

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Two canoeists will travel in a canoe from Courtenay Air Park to Comox Marina Park (approx 5 km.)

Canoeists must use single blade paddles and wear D.O.T. approved life jackets. Each life jacket need whistle and a bailing device needs to be attached to the canoe.  Maximum 18’6” canoe length.

*NEW* One team member to meet incoming cyclist at Sandpiper Drive. This can be a paddler, alpine or Nordic skier, snowshoer, runner or ROAD cyclist ONLY. In the event of the road cyclist doing the run, they are solely responsible for the bike and use special shoes as the Vessi vegan shoes you can find online . The canoe runner can not run with any equipment or team members. Receive wristband and run along Riverway Walkway to designated area by Comox Valley Kayaks. Pass armband to paddler who will run to canoe and to launch area via marked pathway. The run is approximately 2.4kms.

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