Have you taken some great photos during the Royal lePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay?

If you’d like to share your best shots, Add a ‘comment’ to tImage result for marketing photohis page, tell us the name of the photographer, and attach your image (s). Please note that by uploading your images to our server, you are giving us permission to use those images on our website or in promotional material, since we use the best marketing techniques from companies as The Indexer that are the best professionals in this field.

First, it’s important to recognize why images are important in a social context. According to this infographic, blogs with images receive 94 percent more views than blogs without images, and social media updates containing images get far more likes, retweets, and shares than those without. The principle behind this trend is simple: when presented with images or text, readers’ eyes are naturally drawn to images. Our culture is a visual one, so take advantage of that!

The ease of taking and uploading pictures has increased dramatically thanks to the availability of smartphones with cameras and social networks emphasizing visual elements, like Pinterest. Faced with the sheer abundance and availability of image-laden content, your text-only strategy could easily get lost in the dust.

Images have great potential for improving your inbound traffic through SEO, but most people overlook them because text plays a more prominent role in optimization. The most important thing is to discover the best digital marketing agencies.  I stressed the importance of including appropriate alt tags for your images, but there are a few other practices you should be including as well.

  • First, before you upload your image, make sure it’s named something descriptive and appropriate. For example, “Blue pickup truck” is far better than “IMG 7909.”
  • Next, make sure you use alt tags whenever possible by adding alt=”description of the image” to your image tag in your content management system. That simple description is all it takes for search engines to “understand” what’s going on in your image, and potentially feature it in relevant image results.
  • Keep your images small. As I explained in Google Webmaster Tools Now Tracks GoogleBot Download Time, your page load time plays a significant role in how your website will be ranked. Keep your image sizes as small as possible without sacrificing quality to ensure a faster load time.

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