Why we collect team information

The Comox Valley Snow to Surf Society needs to collect information about teams and racers in order to run the event effectively. This helps us run the Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Relay Event smoothly and ensure everybody has a great time. We understand that some of this information is private, which is why we collect this information primarily for the following purposes:

1. To communicate with the team (through a representative “team captain”) to provide information about the Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Relay and for the smooth running of the event. The information we collect enables us to contact you directly and to communicate pertinent information regarding the event to you. We may need clarification for proper category placement.

2. To provide the “Teams Entered” list both on the snowtosurf.com website and in the local newspapers. The “teams entered” list will consist primarily of the following information:

      1. Category
      2. Team Name
      3. Team Captain Name
      4. Team Captain City
      5. Total Age of Team
      6. Military
      7. Any information that is deemed relevant to the marketing and exposure of the event. It is not our intention to provide any other information.

3. To provide the Results for a) finish line recording and post-race awards, b) posting on the website, c) publishing in local newspaper(s)

4. Priority Registration. To notify teams who competed in last year’s race when registration opens for the coming year.

5. To manage and plan future Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Events. We may see trends that will help us plan for the future.

6. To improve the event. The Comox Valley Snow to Surf Society reserves the right to share our mailing list or any information we have about any teams or individuals entered on a team if the Society feel that it is for the betterment of the event or others like it. We will endeavour to never intentionally share information with any person or company that we feel will not use this information responsibly.

7. To meet legal and regulatory requirements.

When we disclose team information

Information is disclosed on a “need to know” basis, to key organizers of the Royal LePage Snow to Surf Relay Event, and to ensure the smooth and safe running of the event. Any such disclosure is implied to be made on a confidential basis and does not require the team’s consent. The Comox Valley Snow to Surf Society has the right to share its mailing list with anybody it wishes to, but will not maliciously do this, nor will we intentionally share information with anybody we do not deem appropriate.

How we protect your team information

In order to protect your personal information and your right to privacy, the Comox Valley Snow to Surf Society:

1. does not intend to collect, use or disclose team information for any purpose other than those identified above;

2. will endeavour to protect your team information with appropriate security safeguards;

3. will endeavour to protect the confidentiality of your team information when dealing with other organizations and will not intentionally give out personal information unneccesarily;

4. will strive to keep your team information as accurate and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes identified above.

If you refuse to provide information to us…

We need to have your consent to collect, use and disclose your team information for the purposes identified above. You can withdraw your consent or refuse to provide personal information to us. However, you will then not be able to enter a team in the Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Relay event.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us. Otherwise, by entering your team information in the online registration section of the Royal LePage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Relay Event website, we assume that we have your consent to continue to collect, use and disclose your personal information, restricted to the purposes identified above.