Royal Lepage Comox Valley Snow to Surf Adventure Relay Event


    Race Date for 2021 is

    The Comox Valley Royal LePage Snow to Surf Event has been cancelled for 2021.
    "It’s with our deepest regrets, due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the nature of our
    community event and the provincial safety measures in place limiting outdoor
    gatherings, we are unable to host the 2021 Comox Valley Royal LePage Snow to Surf
    Adventure Relay Race," said an update from organizers. 
    This long-standing race is not only Canada’s Premier Adventure Relay Event, but it
    takes the dedication of hundreds of local volunteers to host the race.  The Race Bosses
    feel that in order to set a precedence and be socially responsible to protect those in our
    community, this is the only course of action.
    The Royal LePage Snow to Surf is not just a race, it has been a deep-rooted community
    event that started in 1982, through the passion of a few, to have a healthy lifestyle by
    experiencing the great outdoors.  This passion to share the stunning scenery of the
    Comox Valley and to be healthy, was the spark that inspired the inception of the
    event.  Through 38 years of running, this event has not only become an exhilarating and
    unforgettable race to participate in, but it is a monumental community building event,
    bringing together hundreds of volunteers and spectators of all ages!
    “The Royal LePage Snow to Surf Event is not just a race we are cancelling, it’s a huge
    community event that we feel cannot be experienced to its full potential by racers or
    volunteers, with the pandemic.  We need to keep our community strong.  We have local
    volunteers, groups and organizations that all come back, year after year to make the
    race possible, whom we must protect.  The health and safety of our community is our
    top priority”, said organizers.
    The Race Bosses hope to inspire the community and racers to take this time to get
    outside, exercise and train for the 2022 event.  They are looking for individuals to share
    your experiences on their Facebook page to inspire others to get out and get fit! They
    hope you share how you train for your leg, inspire others to get healthy and share how
    you enjoy all that the Comox Valley has to offer!   “We will be back to celebrate our
    community with the biggest, best, community sporting event that the Comox Valley has
    to offer!” stated the group. 
    Now that the Royal LePage Snow to Surf has a NEW Recreational Division, the
    organizers hope individuals take this time to gather a team of 9 and train over the year. 
    This new Division is designed to encourage non-competitive teams to come out and join
    the race, from the top of Mount Washington to the shores of the Comox Marina.  Even if
    you have never raced, you are encouraged to join the Royal LePage Snow to Surf
    Adventure Relay Event 2022, just for the fun of it!
    The organizers want to offer their gratitude for the continued support of their sponsors
    and more importantly the community!

    ONLINE ENTRY should be open Mid November 2020


  • Results are at

  • Canada’s Premier Multi Sport Team Relay Event


    Alpine Skiing
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Running (1 or 2 persons)
    Mountain Biking
    Road Cycling
    Post-Race Action
    for teams of 4-9 people

    Race Package pickup Saturday April 25, 2020

      Sponsorship Opportunities

    Businesses interested in race sponsorship opportunities contact Cristi Sacht at View our Current Sponsors


    Changes to the Rules

    The Comox Valley Snow to Surf Society reserves the right to make changes to the course or the rules if deemed necessary. It is the responsibility of all team members to familiarize themselves with the race course and the rules.

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