We respectfully acknowledge that the land and waters we enjoy as we compete is on the unceded traditional territory of the K’omox First Nation, keepers of the land.

The course will be marked 14 days prior to the event with a pink surveyor’s tape. It is recommended
that cyclists ride the course ahead of race day.

At the Kayak Exchange, cyclists are to dismount and leave the bike clear of the Transition Zone and then proceed on foot to pass the wristband to Kayaker and assist in the launch.

Any mountain bike with road bike attachments (aero bars etc.) will not be permitted on the course.

 Kayaks must be unloaded at the Courtenay Fish and Game Club by 09:45.  Please obey parking lot attendants and drive with courtesy on Fish and Game property.

Kayaks need to be unloaded and vehicles parked in designated areas away from race areas.

Race numbers must be attached to the front of your PFD and visible.

Kayaks must be a minimum of 12 feet long and have adequate floatation fore and aft.

Surf skis are permitted but K-1 racing kayaks are not.

A two-ended paddle and an approved PFD are required. There will be a PFD (personal floatation device) check before the race. This will be located near the kayak staging area. Please get your PFD checked soon after unloading your kayak.

The pre-race briefing will be held at approximately 10:00 am. Kayaker to meet the mountain biker in the transition area and lead them to their kayak. Only a team’s mountain biker may assist the kayaker with launching.

If you capsize and require assistance from our safety personnel you may be given a 5 minute time penalty. If safety personnel determine that you are unsafe to continue you will be disqualified and one of our safety boats will assist you to shore. Your team will continue under disqualification.

At the end of the kayak course, leave the kayak on the beach (volunteers will move it out of the way) and proceed to the transition area.

Kayakers are REQUIRED, after finishing their portion of the race, to make the short paddle back (about 10 minutes) to the Fish and Game Club to have their kayaks picked up. This helps minimize vehicle traffic on the road bikers course.  Paddlers who cannot return to the Fish and Game Club are asked to move their boats to the trailer camping area until the last cyclist has left. There will be no vehicle access to the Road Bike area at the Comox Lake Campground.


No flat water racing kayaks.

Surf Skis and kayaks must meet the following criteria to be allowed:

  • Maximum kayak length feet 5.8 m or 19 feet. Length is measured from the bow to stern (rudder overhang is not included).
  • Minimum kayak width .50 m or 19.69 inches. Width is the widest part of the boat.
  • No wing paddles.